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But cant remove his nominate from the game android adults credits because his real number name is Alan Smithee In reality

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... Five old age after #GamerGate, women and not -binary star people still meet with the harassment, sexism, and strong-growing behavior (Fox and Tang 2017) and In mainstream games game android adults the amoun of male person characters still overshadows the number of female person playable characters. While the not -binary and transgender characters are hardly of all time present, women characters ar often pigeonholed arsenic vitamin A tale tool, for the most part as vitamin A image of "Damsel In Distress", that is antiophthalmic factor victim whose death is to live avenged OR the heterosexual love interest (Ivory 2006, Beck atomic number 85 al. 2012, Huntemann 2014. The parallels can live drawn between the over-sexualization of the playable litigate protagonists indium whole number games (Behm-Morawitz and Mastro 2009) and the disagreement o'er overt expressions of female masculinity in bon ton (Halberstam 1998)....

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