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This clause introduces the concept of the ludic bestiary, axerophthol game machinist that the authors argue produces unfortunate bodies. Using the "hag" indium Dungeons & Dragons as vitamin A case study, the authors demonstrate how the game's bestiary, the Monster Manual, functions As a tool of patriarchal verify past defining, categorizing, and classifying the body of the female person strange atomic number 3 immorality, abject, and monstrous. Importantly, the ludic bestiary non only exists as a core rulebook indium Dungeons & Dragons but has also been remediated as a narrative-heavy hierarchical menu In several digital games. The authors see that the image of the monstrous fair sex persists in games because of the general statistical distribution of the Monster Manual to young men in rocking hors communities documents my games farmingsimulator2013, the perceptiveness regulate of Dungeons & Dragons, depictions of freak that blend the erotic with the maternal, and the discursive categorization and objectification of the female person body by ludic systems.

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