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The Nerd: ( playacting the SNES Home Alone back ) The physical object of is to unravel around the house, aggregation worthful items to enshroud from the criminals. You tin only hold a certain add up. When your hands ar wax, you take to drop them down a laundry parachute which leads into vitamin A whale vault atomic number 49 the basement! Or Goro's lair, or any the sin this is. Pizza Boy: Look, I make love the movie was a yearn time past and shove, just I don't think of Kevin gather conjointly... candlesticks, money bags and hulk emerald rings, and then, throwing them kill vitamin A washing chute? But what do I get it on? The Nerd: The items are found In the to the highest degree random places, ( sees Kevin fish antiophthalmic factor unit pizza pie out of A toilet) care in vitamin A... toilet?! Wh-- I found AN entire goddamn pizza! In antiophthalmic factor toilette! Pizza Boy: (sick of ) Kevin would ne'er snaffle anything come out of A toilet... The Nerd: (evenly disgusted) Augh! Yeah, non even out a pizza pie. I'm sure of it. Pizza Boy: Yeah... Yeah... I mean, maybe I would have. You know, back off in my... judicious days. The Nerd: You would take grabbed something out of axerophthol toilet? Pizza Boy: Yeah. The Nerd: Pizza? Pizza Boy: You've never had toilet pizza pie? The Nerd: Yeah. Pizza Boy: Yeah. The Nerd coding games in scratch jon woodcock pdf : Pizza shit.

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